Remote Working

Do you desire to work from home or anywhere else apart from office? We can make that a reality for you with tools like

Business Broadband

We provide internet connections in your office,home/business area with reliable internet service providers and with very fast speeds

Web Design and Hosting

We handle all kinds of web development, CMS in wordpress, Joomla, ASP.NET , Desktop applications and server side programming with scripts in PHP

Hardware and Software sales

We sell computers,printers,projectors, projector screens ,power supplies,docking stations, photocopiers and all related computer accessories

Web and E-Mail Hosting

Make your business known to the world by hiring us to design and host for you websites where clients can get to know more

Maintenance and Support

We also handle maintenance and servicing of computers, printers, photocopiers, networks among others

Network Security and Development

At Onward, we develop networks both on a small scale and large scale for home use, organisations,companies etc We also offer routers,switches,network cables, fibre-optic